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Motor and Household Insurance support services:


Currently receiving over 10,000 instructions a year, with a success rate of over 80%, Vestigo offers unparalleled levels of service. Every trace is verified via at least two independent sources. If we aren’t 100% positive of residence, we will tell you, but not class it as a positive result. Unique access to credit data combined with our national field force and a fully DPA compliant audit trail enables the FCA principles of “treating the customer fairly” to always be a top priority.


One of Vestigo's main points of difference is that due to the high levels of training and our insurance specialisation, we are able to locate previously undiscovered insurance details (post MID searches) in approximately 10% of trace instructions. Vestigo has in effect become a mini profit centre for all of its clients i.e. it discovers enough insurance details (hence guaranteed recovery) to more than cover its fees.


Status/Presue/insurance details:

Vestigo believes in the principle of “investigate then litigate”. Our Status reports tell our clients the financial position of the 3rd Party in question. If they have no money, why waste time with solicitors? If they have assets, let your solicitors know where they are in order to maximise recovery rates. Our reports also include high-level access to credit data information and will include land registry reports if the address found is not council owned (should the client outlay support).


Uniquely, as explained under "Trace", we (across all clients) also manage to obtain previously undiscovered insurance details in between 9 and 12 % of instructions

Desktop searches:

Desktop searches: When a budget solution is required, desktop credit and address searches can prove useful. This can cost-effectively give a good indication as to someone’s residency and credit worthiness.


Our operatives are mostly drawn from ex-military and police, some have Special Forces training.  Each has in-depth experience of conducting covert surveillance, holds a current SIA licence and is up to date on their CRB checks. We believe in getting the job “done right” as quickly and efficiently as possible. Our end report, as with everything we do, is available to view online.


Our locus reports were the first in the UK to combine aerial photography with digital animation to create moving picture of what we believe to be the most likely scenario. Our cover sheet provides an overview of the incident, details of any fraud, major loss etc. indicators, Including our opinion as to the credibility of any witnesses, their demeanour, etc. This is backed up by a recommendation as to any liability split, the relevant Highway Code rules and any legal precedents.


The discoverable locus report itself includes ground photos, detailed explanations, all relevant precedents and can uniquely be electronically shown to the other via a link (with all DPA sensitive information automatically removed). This enables instant decision making instead of months of paper chasing between opposing sides.

Witness Statements:

All witness statements are typed to CPR standard. Locus and Witness statements are made available to view by our clients as soon as we have interviewed the involved party as a “draft” version, whilst we await signatures etc. This means your handlers can get a good heads up as to what happened, days before the final (tidied up and signed) version is available. This is especially useful for decision making within the MOJ timeframes (the handler is emailed to let him/her know when it’s available to view).


The cover sheet includes details as to fraud, large loss indicators etc. along with an opinion as to liability. These can also be electronically shown to the “other side” via Vestigo’s own secure servers in a DPA compliant way, thus enabling real-time decision making, instead of relying on chasing correspondence.

"The secret of getting ahead is getting started" 

– Mark Twain

The UK's leading provider of:  Motor Insurance Investigations - Tracing - Status and Pre Sue reporting - Witness Statements - Fraud Investigations - Locus Reports

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