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Vestigo was originally founded in 2003 by two people, one an internet entrepreneur, an ex McKinsey man and special forces Major. The other, a well-seasoned and successful investigations specialist, who had already spent over 20 years in the investigations and debt collection field. Together they saw a gap in the market for a fully transparent, completely legal, high tech investigations company that could take advantage of the new technology available, to provide potential clients with unparalleled levels of service, speed and accuracy.


Between them, they designed, built and launched the UK's first internet portal aimed specifically at dealing with Insurance investigations.


When introduced, some insurers did not even have internet facilities in their recovery, dispute and PI departments. However, this did not last long and soon Vestigo was being used by the majority of UK Motor insurers.


Over the following 13 years, the world has moved on. Vestigo, however, has invested heavily to remain on top of the technological curve. Other investigation companies have subsequently copied the original idea, but with Vestigo's portal now being in its 4th generation, none come close to its ease of use or sophistication.

London Close protection

"Technology for difficult claims"

The instruction screens and format of the end reports have been honed by the input of 100's of claim handlers and their managers. This policy of continual improvement is at the heart of everything we do.


Although one of the founders of the company has retired from the investigations business, Vestigo continues to invest in the latest technology, security and the very best staff.  The next major update of the portal has been designed and began being tested in Decemberr 2020 and will be ready to launch by June 2021.

The UK's leading provider of:  Motor Insurance Investigations - Tracing - Status and Pre Sue reporting - Witness Statements - Fraud Investigations - Locus Reports

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